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Get Glowing, Girl!

Suntans look fantastic on anyone at any time of the year. And you don’t need to live in Florida or

other sun-kissed states. There are alternatives other than hopping on a plane to Miami every

month! Tanning beds and spray tans can provide you with a gorgeous a radiance that will spark

the interest of everyone around you.

So, count on TanFastic Jackson to easily and quickly bestow you with that gleam whether it be in

January or July. Luminous tan skin complements your appearance and glams up the rest of your

look, all of which will enhance your confidence and attractiveness.

Here are some tips that can further rev up your beauty.

1. Curl your eyelashes before and after applying mascara, and remember to be gentle when

you apply pressure with your curler.

2. If you color your hair, don’t use shampoos that contain sulfate, which starts stripping

your strands of their new color starting with the first wash.

3. Don’t forget your feet! Scrub them with a pumice stone every time you shower. Once out

of the shower and dried off, slather your feet with a moisture cream, which will keep

them healthy, soft and lovely.

4. When it comes to nail polish, you have only two options: go without it, or keep your

manicure free of chips, cracks and other flaws. In other words, you’re either in or out.

5. Avoid makeup residue and bacteria on your makeup brushes by cleaning them regularly.

It’s easy: use the same shampoo and conditioner you use on your hair.

When you’re ready to look your best with a beautiful tan, don’t hesitate to call Tan-Fastic at one

of our four locations: West Avenue (517-789-0111), Vandercook (517-817-0111), Michigan

Center (517-764-0111) and Parnall (517-768-0111). Our certified tanning technicians will help

you get the exact shade you’re looking for. Also, follow us Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and


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